OSDE Behavioral Threat Assessment Management System Training


Great Plains Technology Center

4500 Southwest Lee Boulevard

Lawton, OK 73505

United States

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Event description


OSDE, for the first time ever, is offering a Behavioral Threat Assessment Management System training seminar. Safety teams, including principals, assistant principals, special ed directors, local law enforcement, SROs, and counselors, may attend this free 2 day training. June 20 - 21, 9 am - 4pm, lunch on your own.


  • Shared ownership, shared responsibility. Decreased Liability

  • Multi-discipline, multi-agency

  • Expeditious but methodical

  • Community collaboration and ownership

  • Identification of risk in clear terms

  • Interventions and supervision strategies that fit the situation and accurately address risk

  • Promotes observation and supervision

  • Increases both the physical safety of a community and the psychological sense of safety


  • Assess threats of potentially harmful or lethal behavior and determine the level of concern and action required

  • Organize resources and strategies to manage situations involving people that pose threats to others

  • Maintain a sense of psychological safety within the community

Who should attend:

Safety teams, Principals, Asst. Principals, Spec Ed Directors, Local Law Enforcement, SROs, Counselors, etc. Essentially, leadership staff from each of your school sites that would be able to meet quickly and decide next steps when a behavioral threat/incident occurs.

For more information please contact Jon Parker, Executive Director - Office of School Safety and Security, Oklahoma State Department of Education, 405-521-6387, jon.parker@sde.ok.gov.


This training is made possible by a STOP Violence grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Published Date: Jun 06, 2019