About Us City to City Market Where Real Human Service Matter

An average of 16,000 florists personally does business with over 60 million consumers purchasing an emotional perishable product. City to City Market is the local florist way of giving OUR online consumers direct national access to the delivery florists’ local market. City to City Market is where through the florist a consumer can learn all the little things going on in each local market beyond flowers

Owners of independent florists providing personal service through City to City Market. What does it mean?

When you begin to see your customers as numbers on paper, the human personal connection is lost. We live in an internet world where every human is a number and the number does not tell anything about who your customer is or give you an opportunity to tap into their emotional needs. It is called virtual service – unemotional, uncaring. Virtual service does not personally hear despair, sadness, joy, forgiveness and commitment.

Real independent business owners who see their local customers when they walk into their business or hear their needs over the phone have the opportunity to see and hear what real humans look like and sound like every day. That standard of personal service has always been the hallmark of real independent owners serving their local market. Local businesses of every kind have been around since this great country was founded and the businesses have been passed down from generation to generation.

Our independent floral owners within city to city market understand who that human being is on any given day. Our service and our reputation dictate that we correctly distinguish and service each human being. Real personal service always sees the human side. Our service is not to humiliate, but to personally recognize each human being we are doing business with. We call it a judgment call, a hand shake agreement. Personalized Floral Service.