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Reduces unwanted bacterial growth that blocks water uptake and clouds vase water. Can be used with any nutrient line.

Introducing everyone to The Florist’s Choice (TFC)! This is 100% Natural & Organic, Non-Toxic, Odorless and is safe for kids and pets! After we have tested this, we florists now use this product to process all of our flowers. Through using TFC, we got better results and have proven that it has enriched the longevity of the plants and flowers we are selling.

We highly recommend the use of The Florist’s Choice! Click Here to learn more.


The Florist’s Choice is a product that is brand new to the floral market. It is so versatile and easy to use. I have been in the floral industry for over 50 years. The Florist’s Choice is a game changer I highly recommend The Florist’s Choice for all your floral and plant needs.

Celeste Mackey, KMFM
Fassler Florist & Events
Fort Wright, KY

I am not one to endorse products. The Florist’s Choice has given me a different mindset. TFC is all natural, manufactured in America, that is what caught my attention at first. Upon purchasing and using this product in my flower shop, I fully endorse it.

J. Ted Lewis
Floral Express
Little Rock, AR

I’ve been in the floral business since 1992, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is what works and works well. The Florist’s Choice is such a product. TFC is all natural, manufactured in America, completely safe around children and pets.

Ken Grosklos
Flower World
York, PA

Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself. I love this product . My clear glass has never stayed so clear. My hydrangeas hold up better than ever. Imagine placing your holiday flowers in buckets for display with this product.

Lisa Payne
Something Special Florist
Pahrump, NV

I’m so excited about this new all in one product, The Florist Choice! The first thing we noted was how amazingly clear the water stayed in our vases and buckets. No more dumping vases and changing water before carry out or delivery. I’m saving so much time and labor, not to mention the hassle.

Michael Allen
Blossoms Floral LLC
Springfield, MO

I’m excited to share the “Florists Choice” product with all of you! We’ve tried and tested this product at Plant Magic with fabulous results and it is now our “go to” option as we Process, Prepare and Present our Flowers! Simply put, The Florist’s Choice is the Best Choice!

Michelle Morgan
Plant Magic Florist
Willoughby, OH

I have been the floral business since 1990. When we tested The Florists Choice Product in our shop, it was amazing. With TFC the water stayed clear with no bacteria for weeks. We receive a lot of compliments on how long our flowers last.

Suzanne Lankenau
Riverside Floral Co.
Riverside, NJ

We have been using the Florist’s Choice in all of our vase arrangements for some time now and our customers always tell us that our flowers last longer than flowers from anywhere else. We also love the clarity of the water in the vase...

Judy Benken
Normandy Flower Shop
Muncie, IN

Why I am promoting The Florist’s Choice. My customers are telling me their flowers are lasting longer. They are noticing the vase water remaining clear. The Florist’s Choice is non toxic and safe for involvement. But the most important thing about this product...

Jeannie Hume
Crystal Gardens Florist
Poway, CA

After learning about The Florist’s Choice, I was so excited to have a product to use on flowers and plants that is ALL natural and organic and Made in America. The Florist’s Choice is also guaranteed to be safe around children and pets.

Connie Michaelson
Sunfresh Flowers
Carlsbad, CA

Making changes is not always easy, but after using Florist Choice and seeing the difference it made on the longevity of our flowers, made making that change a lot easier. Other reasons for switching products are; because it is 100% non toxic, contains beneficial microorganisms...

Trish Overpeck
Just Because Flowers...
Crawfordsville, IN

When I tested the florist choice it lasted as well as or better than the national brands. It’s nicer because you don’t have to change the water makes it more convenient for the customer.

Bob Hotchkiss
Bedford Floral Shoppe
Bedford, OH

The Florist’s Choice is a gamechanger for the floral industry. Chemicals are in everything and it is nice to have a product that you know is safe, organic, and all natural. This product is a true innovation for all florists.

Becky Foust
Rebecca’s Flowers
Broken Arrow, OK

I first tested The Florist’s Choice in my Flower Shop (Brandon Best Flowers), I took a 2 week old Red Rose that was fully open, cut it and put it in TFC and the rose lasted another week. I tried it with some of my customers that buy flower’s every week ...

Penny Buttocovolo
Brandon’s Best Flowers
Seffner, FL

The Florist’s Choice has not only increase the quality of our plants, but it also added longevity to the greenery, flowers and the vase life of our roses has top the high quality standard we stride for in this florist industry. Not only the water stays beautifully clean and clear as the first day we make them...

Cynthia Derma
Cynthia’s Flower...
El Centro, CA

What I like most about The Florist’s Choice is one product does everything. We use it as a quick dip, vase water and for misting our flowers. Our customers are saying the flowers are lasting longer and the vase water does not cloud up. It is a convenient product to use and do recommend other florists....

Judi Tillman
A Florist & More
Columbia, SC

We do a lot of weddings and we have been using The Florist’s Choice for all of our wedding flowers. They last longer and it perks the flowers up.
> We have seen a big difference with our bridal bouquets and boutonnieres....

Susan Falso
Cherryhill Flowers.
Johnston, RI

The Florist Choice is all natural and organic, which I love and it works! I use it in my shop to process flowers and water plants!

Lisa Sondles
House of Plants Florist
Akron, OH

Like most florists, change is not easily made, especially if you have been using a product for a numbers years. Well my eyes were open when it came to The Florist’s Choice. I am now processing our flowers chemically free using one product instead of three different products.

Tim Hendricks
Morrow Florist
Morrow, GA