Food is a basic human necessity that man cannot live without. Here at City to City Market, we want to start from the heart and soul of everything local, our local farmers. Farms produce the source of our food like fruits, vegetables, meat and offer us so much more.

How can we say that we are truly supporting everything local? Why do we constantly anticipate our visit to the Farmer’s Market? Is it not because we are assured the freshness of all the local produce? Or maybe because we want to support the local community by helping our local farmers?

We believe that it is for both reasons. Either way, we are doing our part to build a better community. City to City Market understands this and we would like to help promoting not only local businesses but the local farmers as well.

Before the development of the United States, farming was a way of life. Through continuous innovations, farming has rampantly become industrialized in the country and many parts of the world. Purchasing imported produce (fruits, vegetables, and even meat) has become so much easier and cheaper that big corporations have taken advantage of this.

This has caused the supply to overpower the demand of products. Such so that local farmers have been forced to lower the price of their produce making less profit and sometimes none at all. Exporting local produce on the other hand is more expensive.

How can we do our part? Does it merely imply that we support local businesses through simply purchasing from the local shops? Our local farmers provide local restaurants, cafes, and local diners with the freshest ingredients.

City to City Market is bringing local communities together through local businesses and promoting the Buy Local Movement. These local mom and pop shops can create a network of everyone working together and all making profit at the same time.