Bradley Chiropractic Nutrition Center

5001 Stockdale Hwy
Bakersfield, CA 93309

A Health Service in Bakersfield CA

Bradley Chiropractic Nutrition Center is a chiropractic office located in Bakersfield, CA that is dedicated to your health. Our methods focus on improving your wellbeing so your risk of disease or injury is lower, before the disease or injury can ever occur. We also will treat injury and disease as it comes to us, and we will treat it the best we can with a wide scope of methods. However, when we can, we prefer to prevent pain before it happens. We specialize in cutting edge Chiropractic techniques accompanied with the latest in exercise rehabilitation. We also offer nutritional counseling by affiliating with Science Based Nutrition, which uses laboratory testing to build a custom nutritional plan for anyone looking to overcome a health challenge of take their health to a higher level. If you are a low back pain sufferer caused by a disc herniation, degenerative disc disease or pinched nerve we offer the DRX-9000 disc decompression system. We look forward to helping people live pain free, healthy lifestyles.

Day Opening Closing
Mon-Fri 9:00am 12:00pm 2:00pm 6:00pm
Sat-Sun Closed      
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