Carpet Capitol

2975 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

A Flooring Contractor in Cleveland OH

Our company began humbly, in 1908, when Abraham “Abe” Bickoff, a Russian immigrant and master carpenter landed in America. With handmade tools and old-world craftsmanship, he began woodworking and performing carpentry jobs. The local need was for hardwood floors, so Abe began and installing floors here in Cleveland just as the housing boom was exploding. He learned English and worked extremely hard. He saved enough to steam his bride across the ocean to join him here, to begin their life as American citizens. Although times were tough, Abe's good skills and reputation for honesty and detail earned respect among other local tradesmen, and his business grew. His family grew, too. His sons were raised with that same ethic, and knew that they would carry the torch one day.

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