To Our Customers


From the independent floral owners of City to City Market

“Cheers” A place where “everybody knows your name”.


Doesn’t it make you feel good to walk into a place of business and someone or several people say “Hi, “Your Name”. How are you today? Or, call on the telephone and the person who answers the phone knows who you are because they ask about the person you sent flowers to in the hospital.

Everyone likes to be acknowledged, appreciated, known. It is part of the human experience to feel that people care about you. That is what personal service is all about. You are not a number. You are a real human being with emotions and needs.



Why do business through City to City Market

Through City to City Market, independent floral owners are incorporating the internet to compliment telephone or personal interaction. City to City Market is a reflection of how 12,000 independent florists are now working together using internet technology to provide the best quality, the best prices and the best personalized service. This is done without sacrificing the most important ingredient of personal service. The human factor!

When you have that emotional connection to a business that you trust and feel comfortable with, those businesses become your circle of friends.

Other types of local independent businesses are being incorporated into our extended circle of friends. Businesses that we do business with and someone we would be glad to recommend to our customers.



We are just like Family

Together we know what you like and don’t like. We share in your joy and your sorrow and as independent business owners servicing our local communities we will be there for you after hours, on week-ends and for holidays. A personal bond is being forged that cannot be duplicated when you place your order with someone you know.