Gaveston Cafe

333 Victory Rd # 5
Quincy, MA 02171

A Cafe in Quincy MA

Gaveston Cafe offers a tantalizing combination of complex yet delicate flavors showcasing fresh herbs, vegetables, meats, seafood and light dipping sauces. Our claim to fame is Banh Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich that combines savory ingredients like Aioli, Crunchy Pickled Daikon and Carrot, Cilantro, and Hot Peppers in a crisp French baguette. The Marina Bay Banh Mi is a delicious meal that’s exotic, yet satisfying as comfort food and still light on the wallet. Try our wide variety of noodle dishes from Chicken Pad Thai to Shrimp with Crispy Noodles to Tofu Stir Fry with Rice. Start your meal with our delicious Spring or Summer Rolls – a true taste of Vietnam.

Day Opening Closing
Monday & Tuesday Closed  
Wednesday-Sunday 12:00 PM 7:30 PM
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